Based on
Yokai Tileset 1.0.
Added by
damiancugley March 14, 2011
April 21, 2011


How to use this texture pack

Then copy the ZIP file in to your Minecraft texturepacks folder.

Recipe: Upgrade from Beta 1.1

Adds the textures needed to support the following blocks added in Minecraft Betas 1.2 onwards:

  • cookie
  • oozing_obsidian
  • bed
  • repeater
  • redstone (using the new system)
  • coloured wool
  • lapis_lazuli block and ore
  • dispenser
  • furnace_top
  • sandstone
  • cake
  • pine and birch trees

The new textures are intentionally in a very generic art style.

Assues that the base pack has all the tiles needed for Minecraft Beta 1.1.