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I only use your login to keep track of who adds what to the database so you can go back and edit things you added.

Why Twitter?

Convenience: most people already have a Twitter account and are probably logged in to Twitter anyway. The first time you click the Log in with Twitter button you will be asked to click a confirmation button, but after that it will be automatic.

Confidence: I have delegated the tricky process of protecting your online identity to Twitter, who have years of experience in this regard. So there is no way for the Texturejam site to accidentally reveal your password (because it never leaves Twitter). Texturejam does not request permission to write tweets, so you don‘t have to worry about your twitterstream being spammed.

Why not Facebook Connect or OpenID?

Life’s complicated enough already.

In other words, I wanted to choose just one option that would suit most people. In the unlikely event that you don’t have a Twitter account already, getting one is fairly painless, because you are not signing up for a complicated and confusing personal data-sucking behemoth or scratching your head over the technicalities of OpenID.

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